Scarless Arm Lift | The Future of Brachioplasty

My upper arms were naturally thin until I reached a certain age. Gradually I noticed that although I exercised and had good muscle tone in my upper arms, I was developing a lot of sagging skin. My arms appeared twice the size of my youth and I was embarrassed. The changes scarless Arm lift was a miracle for me, My arms now look like they did when I was young. I'm ecstatic!

Changes Scarless Arm Lift

Scarless Arm lift

One of the most common problem areas for women is sagging flappy upper arms. Loss of skin elasticity, excess fat and sagging skin of the upper arms have earned the less-than-affectionate nickname “batwings”. This area is highly resistant to exercise. The only option for correction until this point has been a surgical procedure called a brachioplasty or arm lift. This procedure involves an incision along the inner upper arm that typically extends from the armpit to the elbow. The lengthy scar can be obvious and has actually been a deterrent for patients to move forward in upper arm reduction.

Now there is a scalpel-free and scarless option to correct batwings. Changes Center for Scarless Surgery is San Diego’s single destination for correction of upper arm sagging without incisions. With the assistance of the InMode Radio-frequency system, you can now benefit from upper arm reduction with surgery-like results and without a single incision.

How it Works

The Inmode RF system leverages Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) to apply highly controlled heat to the upper arm. Controlled thermal fields are used to create an electric current flowing between an internal and external electrode. The thermal field coagulates subcutaneous fat and heats fibrous septa and papillary dermis, causing the skin and tissue to retract, almost like shrink-wrapping.

Scarless Arm lift

The Changes Scarless Arm Lift results in circumferential skin tightening of the entire upper arm. Clinical studies show noticeable skin tightening immediately with continued contraction over the course of one year after the initial procedure. The procedure is done in the Changes Center for Scarless Surgery under local anesthetic with quick recovery and under the safest conditions. Named an InMode Luminary and trainer for other physicians on incision-less surgery, Dr. Gilbert Lee and Dr. Michael Rossi also offer incisionless procedures such as:

Dr. Gilbert Lee has been named Top Plastic Surgeon by the San Diego County Medical Society since 2007 and has been recognized for his surgical excellence. Dr. Michael Rossi has been voted “Best San Diego Plastic Surgeon” for 2019 by the prestigious Ranch & Coast Magazine. He is a highly skilled artist with exquisite attention to detail. These surgeons create superior results with non-surgical body contouring and skin tightening without a single incision or scar with the ​​​​​​​Changes Scarless Arm Lift.

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