Two Lips in Bloom – Examining Upper Lip Shortening

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When we think about cosmetic enhancement for lips, what immediately comes to mind is lip augmentation. At one time very popular, lip augmentation has lost some of its appeal due to some very badly executed treatments. Instead of oohing and awing over a sensuous, plump kisser, many people now fear an unnatural outcome. The case of the over-done duck lips has deflated the desire for lip augmentation.

Still, we know that aging does a number on the lower face. Our lips are not immune. With time, the bone loss causes the lower face and chin to recede and the lips to fall inward and downward. The result is thinning lips and a lengthening of the distance between the nose and the upper lip.

In ideal proportions, the youthful upper lip (base of the nose to between lips) is 40% of the distance from nose to chin, whereas the lip to chin distance is 60%. Look in the mirror and use this to analyze your own lips. As we age the upper lip elongates moving this proportion to 50:50.

Upper Lip Shortening is a simple procedure that reduces the distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose. This allows the pinker upper lip to show.

Performed under local anesthetic in the Changes Plastic Surgery clinic, a short incision is made just under the nose, a small piece of skin is removed and the incision closed with sutures. The scar is well hidden under the shadow of the nose.

As is the case with the model photo above, a youthful upper lip is short, exposing a few millimeters of the two front upper teeth. Shortening a long aging lip causes the upper lip to roll upward a bit, showing more of the pink part of the skin and revealing more of the upper front teeth. Voila, younger mouth in one short procedure.

The Changes Plastic Surgery patient below had a wonderful result from upper lip shortening. No enhancement was given to the lower lip.

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After looking in the mirror, what is your assessment of your own lips? Are they disappearing? Not as full as they used to be or have you always had a long upper lip?   Are you a candidate for Upper Lip Shortening? Contact us today.

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