Plastic Surgery Recovery – A Patient's Journey in Pictures


Do an internet search of facial rejuvenation before and after pictures and you’ll be met with pages upon pages of results. However, most of us really want to see the plastic surgery recovery in the process. With the help of a very happy, creative and self-deprecating patient, we proudly share the recovery process in pictures. For the record, these photos came to us complete with captions. Enjoy her journey of healing.


DAY 1 – Pre op

Here she is. Naked emotion. The patient has elected to undergo upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to remove excess upper eyelid skin and create a visible upper lid fold.
She also decided to improve the look of her jowls, re-define her jawline and reduce her double chin with liposuction. Her plastic surgeon recommended further skin tightening of the neck and jowl region with FaceTite. To top it all off, she decided to include perioral dermabrasion to erase her lip lines (smoker’s lines).


DAY 1 – Immediate Post Op Picture

The patient was well-prepared for what to expect. Her upper eyelid surgery stitches in place; marked swelling from the neck liposuction and raw, exposed skin post dermabrasion around the mouth.

Yes, it’s supposed to look that way.



Sometimes a little humor is what is needed after plastic surgery. Swelling is most apparent in the first 72 hours after plastic surgery. She is wearing a “jaw bra” to provide compression to the neck and jowl area which helps the skin retract.



“I feel prettier already.”

A good attitude goes a long way in plastic surgery recovery. Swelling is slowly receding. Perhaps the most aggressive treatment is dermabrasion around the mouth. Dermabrasion is basically sanding or abrading the upper layer of skin to remove wrinkles. A topical silicone dressing covers the mouth area.


DAY 4-6

In your face close-up of day, four as the swelling lessens and the skin around the mouth begins to heal. The amount of swelling from her plastic surgery procedures shows remarkable improvement from Day 4 to Day 6. Already, less than one-week post-facial rejuvenation, her lower face and neck are showing signs of a slimmer contour.


DAY 7-8

What a difference a day makes in plastic surgery recovery. It appears Day 7 is our patient’s turning point with Day 8 revealing marked reduction in swelling and bruising. A smile is forming now!


DAY 9-14

At this point in plastic surgery recovery, every day shows incremental improvement. Skin tone is slowly returning to normal. Swelling in the upper lids is going down and we can begin to see a rounder, more open eye compared to her pre op presentation. The jawline and neck are still swollen from the liposuction and FaceTite procedure.



“Smiling inside.”

With plastic surgery healing nearly complete, it’s time for the big reveal.



plastic surgery recovery journey

plastic surgery recovery journey

Nice refinement of the neck and jawline. Because she was treated with FaceTite radiofrequency skin tightening, her results will continue to improve over the next year. FaceTite heats the underlying tissues where fat is destroyed and the connective bands that hold fat close to the skin will continue to retract.

A frown turned upside down! Our patient didn’t really frown. The downturn of the mouth is caused by skin laxity which causes the facial skin to fall due to gravity and loss of supporting underlying fat. FaceTite and liposuction correct this. Perioral dermabrasion restores a smoother upper lip with a more defined lip border and fewer wrinkles. Smiling on the inside now shows on the outside.

Each facial rejuvenation patient has their own story of plastic surgery recovery. Granted, not too many documents their journey with tongue-in-cheek photos and captions. We are grateful to our patient for sharing every bruise, every stitch, every puffy face and every photo along with her own unique story in pictures.

If you are considering your own plastic surgery journey than getting on the road to rejuvenation with a consultation at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa. Dr. Gilbert Lee, a board-certified plastic surgeon, can map out a plan for you.