How Long Does RHA by Revance Last?

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We can’t avoid the aging process forever, but we can take steps to minimize its effect on our appearance. One of the most popular ways of doing this is by exploring aesthetic procedures and treatments. These minimally invasive techniques can temporarily halt or even reverse the signs of aging, helping us to feel confident in our own skin for longer. One of the most popular aesthetic treatments is dermal fillers. While there are many brands of filler available, none are as long-lasting as the RHA Collection by Revance.


Introducing the RHA Collection by Revance


The RHA Collection by Revance is the first and only FDA-approved Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler to addressing both resting and dynamic facial wrinkles and folds.


Hyaluronic Acid, known as HA, is a naturally-occurring substance but as we get older, our bodies make progressively less, causing our skin to lose volume and elasticity. The RHA Collection of fillers is intentionally made to closely mimic the natural HA found in the skin, replacing it in order to plump it, restoring facial volume, and causing the overlying skin to become smoother, firmer, and more youthful.


One of the biggest advantages of RHA is its versatility. Not only is it effective when your face is resting, but it also works when you make facial expressions, enabling you to enjoy life without being concerned that your appearance looks stiff or unnatural.


How Long Does RHA by Revance Last?


Every patient is unique, and the length of time any aesthetic treatment is effective for can vary. However, the RHA Collection is designed to have superior staying power when compared to other brands of filler, and it delivers. The RHA Collection has proven clinical effectiveness for up to 15 months following treatment, and for some patients, the results may be sustained even longer. This means fewer visits to your cosmetic surgeon and less time worrying about the effects of the aging process.


Where Can I Get RHA by Revance?


The RHA Collection is exclusively available at selected aesthetic practices where it can be administered by board-certified plastic surgeons. These practices and surgeons have met Revance’s very high standards for exceptional consumer experiences and outcomes. This means that if you opt for RHA fillers, you can rest assured that your treatment will be performed by a highly experienced and skilled aesthetic specialist. We are delighted to be able to offer the RHA Collection at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, San Diego. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your suitability for RHA by Revance and let us help you to turn back the clock on the aging process and rediscover your inner confidence.


Learn more about the benefits of RHA by Revance, contact Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa in San Diego, CA at (858) 264-3800 to book an appointment. 

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