Benefits of Morpheus8 for Skin Tightening

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Morpheus8 is a novel technology changing the face of anti-aging therapies. It is a noninvasive full-body treatment that promotes skin tightening and reduces the signs of aging. It is a micro-needling treatment that targets soft tissue sagging due to aging. 

Morpheus8 is a powerful tool that stimulates new collagen formation under the skin. It delivers not only tighter skin but also fullness by remodeling deep facial tissues. The technology employs micro-needling and radio frequencies to penetrate deep under the skin. The combination of these two techniques makes it as effective as it is.

So, what are the benefits of Morpheus8 for skin tightening?

Quick Results


Unlike other anti-aging treatments in the market that require several sessions for visible results, Morpheus8 needs only a single session. The first thing you will notice after the treatment is improved skin texture. These changes to skin texture will continue to grow after the session as your body produces collagen.

The best results from Morpheus8 will show after about one to five sessions. The doctors who perform this treatment will evaluate the patient at the consultation. They prepare a personal plan tailored to your specific needs. After the treatment, you will need yearly follow-ups to maintain the results.

Deep Effects


Morpheus8 penetrates deeply under the skin up to about 8 mm. The deep penetration helps the treatment achieve dramatic results in rejuvenation. Other topical therapies only address surface aging. Morpheus8, through radio frequencies, affects the tissues under the skin.

It Is a Full-body Treatment


Aging is not limited to the face; most treatments only focus on facial anti-aging. Morpheus8 focuses on rejuvenating the whole body. You can target specific areas that may be more affected by aging. Some of the areas that Morpheus8 can target are:

  • Neck.

  • Face.

  • Arms.

  • Thighs.

  • Abdomen.

  • Buttocks.

  • Knees.

Morpheus8 is effective not only for wrinkles and folds but can also improve the appearance of scars. You can consider the treatment if you have scarring from cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation.

Can Address Several Conditions


Do you have a specific concern about your skin? You will most like find that Morpheus8 can address it. It is a versatile treatment that is effective with many skin issues.

Here are some instances where Morpheus8 can be helpful:

  • Common aging signs.

  • Correcting sun damage.

  • Minimizes fine lines and folds.

  • Evening out skin tone.

  • Treating dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

  • Improves the appearance of scars.

  • Builds collagen and increases the firmness of tissues.

  • Reduces stretch marks by fading them out.

  • Improves skin texture.

  • Clearing up acne.

Little Downtime


Morpheus8 is an excellent choice for skin tightening, especially if you have a busy schedule. Other surgical alternatives involve a lot of downtime after the procedure. If you cannot avoid surgical intervention, Morpheus8 can help you delay until you have the time. 

Also, if you have recently had a facelift, you can have the treatment to improve the results. 

Because Morpheus8 is minimally invasive, you need little time to recover. You can return to work the next day. Your skin may have some reddening and feel drier and tighter than usual, but that is about it. 

For more on the benefits of Morpheus8 for skin tightening, call Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa in San Diego at 858-264-3800 to discuss any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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