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Changing Volume Loss With SCULPTRA®


Ever thought about having a facelift, but didn’t want the recovery, downtime or costs associated with it? Changes Plastic Surgery and Liquid Face Lift Association experts Dr. Lee and Dr. Reagan offer a new type of procedure with very little downtime called the “Liquid Facelift”.

Approved by the F.D.A. in August 2004 for lipo-atrophy in HIV patients, SCULPTRA® produces visible face lift results in just a matter of weeks with about 3-6 simple treatment injections. These injections are administered on an out patient basis. The sessions generally take about 30-45 minutes and are virtually painless. Patients treated can resume normal activities following the injections.

SCULPTRA® has been clinically proven to be an effective, well-tolerated, and long-lasting treatment for the signs of facial wrinkles. Treatment results may vary, but lasting effects are seen for two to five years. Touch up treatments may be needed to maintain the desired effect.

width=Dr. Lee is recognized by the Liquid Face Lift Association for his expertise in providing The Liquid Face Lift. SCULPTRA® injections are used predominantly in the Liquid Face Lift to restore volume and improve sagging contours. Radiesse and Bellafill are also used to provide wrinkle correction.

SCULPTRA® may be used to treat the following areas:

Cheek bones | Cheeks | Temples | Jowls | Jawline | Hands


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