Get Clean with the Dirty Little Secret

3 Ways To Trim The Tummy

One of the dirty little secrets of many adults, including men, is the problem of hyperhidrosis of the underarms or “excessive sweating”. To those afflicted by this, it can be embarrassing, socially unacceptable and can ruin a shirt almost as soon as it is worn. Patient, Alex, at Changes Plastic Surgery states, “this treatment has changed my life. It is so worthwhile. I have saved tons of money on ruined clothes with this treatment.” Alex’s last treatment to the armpits lasted nine months and cost $600.

For consideration of treatment for excessive sweating, Botulinum Toxin A shuts off the innervation to the sweat glands, thus stopping excessive sweating for months at a time. Patients who experience excessive sweating of the palms and feet can also benefit from Botulinum Toxin A treatments.

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