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Since its inception in 1994, Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa has maintained a mission of providing patients with the most technically advanced options for aesthetic plastic surgery and nonsurgical rejuvenation. True to that goal, Dr. Gilbert Lee obtained the FaceTite device (InMode Aesthetics, Inc.) in 2016 and was the first in San Diego to adopt an incisionless and scarless option for traditional plastic surgery.


The FaceTite device is bipolar directionally accurate, and radio frequency-based. It is used to contract and shrink fat, skin, and subcutaneous tissue with absolute precision.

All radio-frequency treatments use two electrodes, one internal and one external, to exchange electrical currents at a radio-frequency—one close in frequency to that used in microwaves. The electricity delivered via radio-frequency heats the tissues it targets, which tightens and contracts the skin and the fibrous septal bands which secure the skin to the body. The overall effect, therefore, is a tightening of the skin. Dr. Lee coined the phrase “shrink wrapping” to describe the action of the FaceTite device.

facetiteInMode FaceTite is demonstrably superior to any other RF devices. A single treatment with the FaceTite RFAL can achieve up to 37% contraction of the surface area of the skin, thanks to the controlled use of radio-frequency assisted lipoplasty (RFAL). It provides more skin contraction than any other device on the market and is more targeted and precise in its treatment application. This means careful control of deeper tissues as well as the skin, virtually no risk of skin burns, and more impressive results.

Fractora, on the contrary, uses radio-frequency energy delivered to the surface of the skin.  A matrix of tiny pins resurfaces the skin in a fractional method sending targeted heat deep into the skin to resurface and tighten the skin and is a  non-surgical solution for aging and acne scarred skin.



EmbraceRF combines a two fold approach to scarless skin tightening by treating both the subdermis (FaceTite) and epidermis (Fractora) in one procedure.

The procedure is ideal for patients who have facial skin laxity and the appearance of sagging along the jawline and neck. FaceTite is performed in the Changes Center for Scarless Surgery procedure room under local sedation. A small gauge cannula inserted through tiny discreet poke holes delivers the radio frequency heat, liquefying fat and contracting tissues.

Improvement is seen immediately following your EmbraceRF procedure, and the results continue to improve up to one year post treatment. Downtime is minimal, with swelling to be expected, but the overall recovery is much shorter than traditional facelift or neck lift. Because there are no incisions, there are no sutures to remove.

EmbraceRF debuts June 6, 2018

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Dr. Lee Performs FaceTite

FaceTite Experts

Changes Plastic Surgery is the best choice for EmbraceRF in San Diego. Cutting edge technology demands talent and skill, and the FaceTite and Fractora system is no exception. Although EmbraceRF is scarless, it is still considered a surgical procedure, requiring the skill of a plastic surgeon in its application. Dr. Gilbert Lee is a board-certified plastic surgeon and pioneer of the FaceTite procedure. Dr. Lee is an educator and luminary for InMode Aesthetics FaceTite and BodyTite.

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FaceTite FAQs

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  • FaceTite™ is the latest device that uses radiofrequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) technology to effectively tighten facial skin. The technique ensures excellent skin tightening results and is performed under local anesthesia.
  • FaceTite™ utilizes radiofrequency energy in combination with liposuction to remove any accumulated fat in the lower face and neck. It is an excellent alternative to traditional facelift, because it not only removes the surplus fat cells, it provides skin contraction for tightening of the jawline and neck. No incisions are required unlike a traditional surgical facelift.
  • The scarless facelift using the FaceTite RFAL system ensures that you do not have any surgical incisions.
  • Your surgeon will determine if the FaceTite would be a good fit for you. Patients with an excess amount of skin, poor skin quality or those that have already had facelift surgery would be advised to have a traditional facelift in which the redundant skin can be excised.
  • The fee is variable based on the surface area to be treated and the time needed to perform the procedure. A general fee for FaceTite would be $9,000 to $10,200.