Breast Procedures

Whether Breast Surgery is reconstructive or cosmetic, patients are concerned about an aesthetically pleasing and natural result. Dr. Gilbert Lee performs hundreds of breast surgeries from revisionary procedures post mastectomy to cosmetic requests for breast augmentation or breast reduction.  Successful results can be seen here on actual Changes Plastic Surgery patients.

  • Augmentation / Lift
    Augmentation / Lift
  • Reduction
  • Reconstruction
  • 3D Computer Imaging
    3D Computer Imaging

Breast Surgery Gallery

What should you expect before and after breast surgery? The end results may vary depending on the patient and her breast surgery goals. Fortunately, at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, we offer a comprehensive breast surgery before and after gallery that illustrates how some of our clients have improved their appearance after breast surgery.

Browse our breast surgery before and after images today. By doing so, you can see how clients have reaped the benefits of breast surgery in the past and make a more informed decision about whether a breast surgery procedure is right for you.

A Variety of Breast Surgery Options Are Available

Dr. Gilbert Lee has performed hundreds of breast augmentations, breast lifts (mastopexy) and breast reductions (mammoplasty).  He is also a well experienced breast reconstruction surgeon  with a history of helping breast cancer patients regain confidence following mastectomy. Dr. Lee boasts a proven reputation, and as such, will do everything possible to ensure you are fully satisfied with the results of a breast surgery procedure.

Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa team guarantees patients will be well educated on their breast surgery options.  Questions and concerns are met with a caring staff at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa to ensure that your breast surgery experience is top notch from pre-op to post-op and beyond.

Our broad range of breast surgery options, including:

  • Augmentation/Lift – Those who want to restore breast volume, improve the symmetry of the breasts or increase the size of the breasts can take advantage of our first-rate breast augmentation and breast lift procedures.
  • Reduction – Breast reduction surgery represents a viable option for those who want to eliminate excess breast fat, glandular tissue or skin. It may help minimize discomfort due to large breasts as well.
  • Reconstruction – For women who have had a portion or all of a breast removed, breast reconstruction ensures the breast mound can be reconstructed to correspond to the size and shape of the other breast.

In addition, our breast surgery before and after photos are readily available and can help you better understand the end results of any of the aforementioned breast surgery procedures.

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Vectra 3D Modeling System

Changes Plastic Surgery offers a Vectra 3D computer imaging system that enables you to visualize the results of a breast surgery procedure on your own body before you actually have surgery.  This tool is especially valuable for breast surgery patients.  Breast augmentation can be simulated with a variety of implant shapes and sizes so patients can visualize what they will look like after surgery.  Patients can view their image with breasts lifted to a higher position in a virtual mastopexy. The ability to view your proposed results will help you set realistic expectations for your outcome.

Choose Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa for Breast Surgery

When it comes to breast surgery, only the best will suffice. And with the experienced plastic surgeons at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa at your side, you should have no trouble reaping the benefits of a safe, effective breast surgery procedure.

Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa leverages best-in-class tools and technologies, enabling you to prepare for breast surgery and receive comprehensive support throughout a breast surgery procedure. Patient satisfaction is a high priority at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa and every step is taken to ensure you’re happy with the end results of your breast surgery.

Book a breast surgery consultation with Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa today! To do so, please call us at 858-720-1440 or fill out the contact form below.

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