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Real Patient Ratings

Real Patient Ratings - Dr. Brian Reagan If you’re thinking about having cosmetic surgery, you want to make the best choice possible. Ratings and reviews can help you. Real Patient Ratings is an independent third party that compiles feedback from our patients about their experience at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa. Our participation in Real Patient Ratings (RPR) helps you get an “insider” view of our patient care and communication. Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa utilizes Real Patient Ratings as a credible outside source to gather ratings and reviews from patients who have had either a consultation or consulation with surgery from Dr. Brian Reagan.

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Real Self is an independent on-line community where patients can go to research, share, ask questions and discuss anything and everything regarding cosmetic treatments both surgical and non-surgical.   Dr. Reagan is an active expert offering answers to your questions.  The site is also a forum for leaving feedback on treatments they have experienced.  Read what patients have to say about their procedures with Dr. Reagan.

RealSelf Patient Reviews of Brian J. Reagan, MD

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Dr. Reagan has been my doctor since December 2012. He has been an excellent doctor always giving 100 percent very professional and considerate. I am a cancer survivor and I thank Dr. Reagan for being a part of my victory!!

– Anonymous (Patient Fusion)

I had a great experience with Dr Reagan and his wonderful staff. He is very competent, precise, and good at physical beautification. Highly recommend.

– Marcie (Yelp)

Dr. Reagan is the best of the best. The welfare of the patient is always his primary concern. He is an artist, as well as a physician. It is refreshing to go to a doctor who combines state-of-the-art service with prudence.

– Anonymous (Patient Fusion

My experience with Dr. Reagan was excellent. He was able to explain the procedure in a way that I could understand. His skills as a surgeon and my results are outstanding. The staff and Dr. Reagan were available at my any request. I recommend Dr. Reagan.

– Anonymous (Patient Fusion)

My experience with Dr Reagan and his Staff was extremely rewarding! I was nervous and had a lot of concerns, Dr Reagan gained my trust immediately! He is conservative in his approach and I truely look like myself, just better! His staff are the best!

– Catherine (Patient Fusion)

Dr Reagan did my breast augmentation almost four years ago and they still look amazing. No bruising at all and as much pain as you expect when going under the knife. The scars are practically nonexistent I have to look bit before can even find where he made incision. They’re perfect in every way. I’m definitely going back to Dr Reagan when the time comes and if i decide to go bigger. I can’t imagine anyone else doing better job.

– Megan (Yelp)

I am a great fan of Dr. Reagan’s and I wish you all the best and I thank you, Dr. R. Every time I look in the mirror after my facial rejuvenation last summer and for your care over my daughter, whom you helped in a major reconstructive surgery – 10 years ago.

– Liana (Patient Fusion)

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