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With technology come changes in the tools that artists use to create beauty.
Introducing Scarless Surgery at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa.


Plastic Surgery is my passion, but so too is my determination to provide patients the most innovative, ground breaking, and effective options for aesthetic enhancement. With Scarless Plastic Surgery, I can offer my patients the Plastic Surgery of the Future; one without scalpels or scars.” – Gilbert W. Lee, M.D., Founder, Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa

A Word about Its Founder…

Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa has been on the forefront of aesthetic surgery since its inception in 1994. Since that time, Dr. Gilbert Lee has been an early adopter and inventor of ‘cutting edge’ procedures, products and techniques, all in an effort to provide the best and most contemporary options for his patients.  This innovation and uncompromising pursuit for excellence has earned Lee the coveted distinction as ‘San Diego’s Top Doctor in Plastic Surgery’ by his peers in the San Diego County Medical Society for 12 years running.

Changes Center for Scarless Surgery

We are proud to announce the first of its kind: a center dedicated to the practice and development of Scarless Plastic Surgery.  We have envisioned this dream for many years, honing our skills in the rudiments and components of incisionless surgery and non-invasive procedures.  At last, technology has caught up with the concept that patients want to have plastic surgery with no scars, no incisions, and less downtime.  This means less risk, less time off from work, less discomfort, and less recovery.  With the advent of Scarless Skin Tightening we are on the leading edge of a technological movement to perfect the burgeoning field of incisionless plastic surgery.

What Areas of My Body Can Be Treated with Scarless Plastic Surgery?

Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa now offers patients a true choice – traditional plastic surgery or incisionless, scarless plastic surgery for some of the most requested treatment areas.

For a visual on Scarless surgery, view our infographics here & here!

How does Scarless Plastic Surgery work?

A common misconception is that plastic surgery is named because we insert plastic during surgery.  Actually, the word Plastic is derived from the Greek word Plastikos, meaning to remold or reshape.  Plastic Surgery is the field of medicine specializing in the remolding and reshaping of the body to bring about more aesthetic features, or to reconstruct the body.  And, the material plastic shares that name because of its remoldable and reshapeable characteristics.

With scarless plastic surgery, we use numerous techniques to contour, lift, reshape, improve texture, and tighten the skin to various regions of the body.  We can sculpt, shape and control volume by such means as liposculpture or fat grafting.  We can alter texture or tone of skin by a number of techniques including laser, chemical applications, abrasion, needling.  And, most recently we can now effectively and reproducibly perform Scarless Skin Tightening throughout the body with the InMode FaceTite, BodyTite Radio Frequency Assisted Lipoplasty (RFAL), and Fractora.

What is Radiofrequency and are all devices similar?

For years, scientists have worked exhaustively to develop the Holy Grail of Plastic Surgery: an effective means of incisionless skin tightening.  Such technologies as Laser, Ultrasound, Heat and Cool based modalities and Radiofrequency have been used. Until recently, Radiofrequency has shown some promise, but was limited by factors such as inconsistent results, discomfort, and non-directional application of energy.

In May 2016 InMode Medical received FDA clearance for the FaceTite device, a radiofrequency based bipolar directionally accurate device to selectively shrink and contract fat, subcutaneous tissue and skin.  Little did the public know, that this invention was about to change the way we did plastic surgery.  One could now increase or decrease volume, and tighten skin, thus giving birth to the scarless plastic surgery revolution.  Changes Plastic Surgery is proud to be the first plastic surgery practice in San Diego to have the device and be a regional leader in the scarless plastic surgery movement.

Radiofrequency treatments send electrical currents from an internal electrode to an external electrode at a radiofrequency (close in frequency to microwaves).  The radiofrequency delivered electricity causes heating of the tissues, which produces a contraction and tightening of the skin and fibrous septal bands which hold the skin to our bodies, thus tightening the skin. The InMode devices allow us controlled use of RFAL with good skin contraction of surface area with a single treatment.


July 2018 brings a new scarless hybrid procedure.  EmbraceRF combines two powerful and clinically proven technologies to provide a dramatic improvement to skin laxity. EmbraceRF utilizes FaceTite and Fractora which involves minimally invasive radiofrequency energy to treat fat and contract skin, as well as bipolar RF energy to improve textural concerns. Embrace addresses loose skin in the neck and jowls and can be used in conjunction with liposuction, depending on how much fat is in the treatment area.


Because of its directional specificity, it can target the exact problem area of concern.  And because of internal and external thermistors for immediate control of temperature application, the risks of thermal injury are virtually nonexistent.  The InMode FaceTite and BodyTite RFAL systems are far superior to other RF devices; they have proven skin contraction which surpasses that of any other device on the market; they precisely aim and target the areas of concern, and precise temperature control of the skin and deeper tissues yield impressive results with virtually no risk of skin burns.


It’s Not All about the Machine

It is important to note that all devices, including the InMode RFAL system, are only as good as the practitioner using them. They are sophisticated tools.  It is the application of that technology in a thoughtful, artistic, and measured manner which produces impressive, consistent, and safe results for the patient.

As a plastic surgeon who is highly regarded for superior technical skill and aesthetic excellence, Dr. Lee possesses the unique ability to translate surgical cases into incisionless procedures. In fact, Dr. Lee has been named an InMode Luminary Instructor who trains other physicians how to sculpt the face and body using RFAL.

Dr. Lee continues to innovate and perfect other scarless surgery and skin tightening.  In the near future, other procedures using the incisionless technique will be available such as vaginal tightening and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).  The possibilities are endless for surgery without incisions or scarring.

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