Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Body shape is often a source of insecurity for many people.

M any find that despite diet and exercise, they still have “problem areas” on their bodies. Such areas might include the hips and thighs on women or love handles on men.

Genetics predispose us to a certain shape, but plastic surgery can improve on what nature preordains.

Dramatic results are usually achieved quickly and reliably through body contouring. For example, patients undergoing liposculpture can lose 7 to 15 pounds in a single setting. After body contouring procedures, most patients not only look better, but feel more confident.

Because every patient is unique and there are many options to achieve your goals. Specific choices like location of surgery, anesthesia, and technique can affect the cost and improve the comfort of your procedure.

What You Need to Know About Liposculpture and Body Contouring

Liposculpture is a technique for body contouring that is minimally invasive. It is designed to target stubborn problem areas and add fine definition to these areas of treatment. In liposuction procedures, a less refined approach is adopted and fat is removed from the body without as much of a nuanced roadmap for targeting. On the other hand, liposculpture is used to remove fatty deposits with careful precision, providing more defined contours and highlighting the natural lines and contours of the muscles which were previously obscured by fat.

Liposculpture is not the brute force technique for removing large fatty deposits. It is designed for people whose exercise and diet habits have already provided their bodies some definition. In fact, this kind of body contouring is ideal for active, healthy, athletic people who need that extra edge and assistance tightening and shaping those problem areas that remain no matter what they do. Liposculpture is not for whole body overhaul; it is for fine tuning and getting as close to perfection as possible.

If you have been struggling with love handles, saddle bags, or other problem spots for much of your life, liposculpture is wonderful news for you. Even the fittest people can feel less confident or even depressed about their stubborn trouble areas, feeling like no matter what they do, nothing works. For most of us, even the most disciplined regimen of exercise, diet, and clean living cannot eliminate every problem spot, and that is exactly what liposculpture is for.

As we age, our problem areas tend to get worse as we lose some of the youthful fire in our metabolism. If you give birth, it is usually when you reach your late 30s and 40s that you begin to see the affects childbirth has had on your body, even after the weight has all been lost and breastfeeding is long gone. As a man, you might be feeling the effects of years of sedentary work, or just age-related hormonal changes. No matter who you are, the delicate yet powerful changes that liposculpture can offer you will probably surprise you.

If these aspects of body contouring appeal to you, reach out to us here at Changes. We are the premiere liposculpture and body contouring resource in the San Diego area. Our staff of aesthetic specialists is eager to talk to you about what’s next in your journey, so don’t hesitate: contact us today.


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