Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa of San Diego is now offering incisionless surgery and skin tightening.  Using targeted radio frequency, patients can now opt to have a number of traditional plastic surgery procedures performed without incisions and without scars. Incisionless options are now available for brachioplasty (arm lift), neck lift or facelift and even breast and thigh lifts – without surgical incisions.


Before the introduction of fractional technology, the lasers of the past ablated the surface of the skin leaving it bloody and oozy and the patient with a great deal of downtime. There was also a known risk of hypopigmentation. Chemical peels, on the other hand, were more forgiving and could be reduced in potency to reduce downtime. For this reason, chemical peels remained an appealing option.


Thank goodness for evolution. Fast forward to 2012 A.C. (after collagen). Collagen products have been largely replaced by hyaluronic acid fillers, over plumped lips are on the endangered list and areas of the face not previously treated are fair game for injection.


Who doesn’t want to be able to put their best face forward for the holiday season? This year, give yourself the gift of confidence with a youthful glow. Rev up and rejuvenate for the holidays with peels and injectables in the perfect combination for a rested, ready to go appearance. There are numerous options for non-surgical beauty boosts; here’s how they each work, broadly speaking.


Unique facial features help characterize each of us and our ethnic origins. It’s the beauty of diversity. In Asian culture, particularly among the younger generation, the standard of beauty is changing. As the internet has opened communication worldwide, it is fair to say that standards of beauty now cross-cultural lines.


Plastic surgery and anti-aging treatments can border on “creepy” for those not inclined to intervene with Mother Nature.  And when a procedure is so ghoulish it wears the name Vampire Face Lift well, we just have to find out if it’s fact or fiction.

Tummy Tuck San Diego

Excess fat and skin in your abdomen can be frustrating. Natural processes like pregnancy, childbirth, aging, and weight fluctuations cause excess skin and fat in your midriff. Unfortunately, dieting and exercising cannot reach some areas to help you achieve your desired waistline. Faced with this, most people turn to tummy tucks to reclaim their youthful curvaceous waists. 

San Diego Facelift

A facelift can be an exciting and transforming procedure for most people. It helps you get a contoured, bright, and youthful face. Individuals with sagging skin, jowls, and wrinkles often opt for the procedure to get a more natural and youthful look.


When patients come to Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa for facial rejuvenation, they tend to complain first about their wrinkles, especially those around the mouth. A trained eye can see that many of these patients have been treated with filler injections around the mouth and into the naso-labial folds (folds from the nose down to the corner of the mouth).


Have bikinis and crop tops disappeared from your wardrobe? Do you shelter your belt area with baggy clothes? Do you dress in the dark? Childbirth, gravity, and normal aging can leave your stomach stretched and sagging, lumpy and bumpy and perhaps even scarred. Would you love to have the flat tummy of your teen years? You can. A combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures performed at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa can transform your mid-section and give you your teen tummy back.