Asian Double Fold Surgery

. Asian upper eyelids generally lack a crease or fold that is commonly seen in Caucasians and other races.  In fact, 85% of Asians lack the upper eyelid fold.   Increasingly, however, over the last 20 years or so, most Asian actors and models are appearing with double folds.  How is this happening?  Well, they are either part of the 15% of Asians born with a natural fold, or more likely part of the growing population of Asians opting for the Asian Double Fold Eyelid procedure. 

Woman getting Facial Enhancements

The skin is one of the biggest betrayers of the aging process. As we get older, the production of collagen and elastin, two essential components of smooth, youthful skin, starts to decelerate. This unavoidable change, combined with the accumulative effects of sun damage, pollution and other environmental factors can cause the skin to start to age rapidly, becoming drier, less elastic and prone to lines, wrinkles and discoloration.

woman plastic surgery

If you are concerned that you look older than you really are, you might be beginning to think about treatments to help counteract the natural aging process – and you wouldn’t be alone. Every year, countless patients explore cosmetic products and treatments to try and turn back the clock. One of the newest anti-aging solutions currently available is Miracu threads. Here’s what you need to know about this innovative treatment.

body contouring

Everyone deserves to feel great about their appearance and thanks to the constant innovation within the beauty and aesthetics industry, finding ways to improve those areas of ourselves that may be affecting our confidence is easier than ever. However, with so many cosmetic treatments now available, it can be a little overwhelming trying to choose the right ones to target the areas of our body or face that are causing us concern. Here’s why you should choose EVOKE and EVOLVE for your facial remodeling and body contouring.

Morpheus8 and Factora

Excess fat can accumulate anywhere on the body, including under the chin. When this happens, it can cause sagging and softness of the facial structure that makes many patients feel self-conscious about their appearance. Fortunately, patients don’t have to go under the knife to achieve a defined chin and jawline. Morpheus8 and Fractora are two aesthetic treatments that are known for their skin-regeneration and youth-enhancing abilities, that can also help to eliminate the appearance of excess fat under the chin.

Adonis Procedure for Men

All men want to look and feel great. However, all bodies are different and not every man can get the body he wants by working out alone. This does not mean that you cannot still achieve the body of your dreams. Today, thanks to technological advancements and the Adonis Procedure for men, men have the option to become the best enhanced version of themselves.

IPL laser treatment

As we get older, our skin naturally loses elasticity and as skin becomes more lax, it becomes much easier for lines and wrinkles to form. These are some of the most typical signs of aging, but unsurprisingly, many people are unhappy to experience them and would like to do anything possible to try and delay looking older for as long as possible. Fortunately, there are a range of treatments that can help them achieve this, including IPL laser treatments.

ideal implant

If you are considering breast augmentation so that you can achieve fuller, larger and perkier breasts, then you may be wondering which type of breast augmentation treatment is right for you. There are a number of different options to choose from, including one of the newest and most revolutionary types of implant – the Ideal Implant which enables patients to enjoy a natural feel and youthful appearance to their breasts without using a silicone gel implant.

asian girl standing on pink background in a colors bathing suit bikini and smiling.

If you have excess skin and fat on your thighs, you might be considering thigh lift surgery. Your surgeon can remove the extra fat and skin from your inner or outer thighs to improve their appearance and shape. Before you schedule your consultation, go over some of the top benefits of thigh lift surgery. Then, you’ll know if this procedure is the right choice for you.

Beautiful senior woman touching her perfect skin

Is your face starting to show signs of aging, but you don’t want to undergo a surgical facelift? If so, a liquid facelift might be right for you. This minimally invasive procedure reduces the signs of aging with fewer side effects than a surgical procedure. Before you schedule your consultation, learn more about what to expect with a liquid facelift.