Pectus excavatum

Pectus excavatum is a congenital chest deformity that causes the breastbone to sink into the chest. With this condition, a dent forms at the center of the chest. The sunken breastbone is usually visible at birth. But as a child continues to develop, this condition grows worse, especially in adolescence.


There's a lot of buzz around HydraFacial®. It’s becoming a popular facial trend. But why? This treatment is less invasive compared to traditional facials yet produces excellent results.

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People love to take care of their skin. However, it becomes a bit more challenging to do so as they age. Aside from being frustrating, loose skin can harm your self-esteem. You can develop loose skin in many ways in addition to aging. Some of the other common causes include pregnancy and weight loss.


Aging may affect the entire body, but it’s often the facial skin that starts to betray the earliest signs of our advancing years. Anti-aging treatments and techniques to help counteract the signs of aging are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures available, and there are now more to choose from than ever before, including chemical peels and microneedling. While each are each effective as standalone treatments, combining the two offers patients the greatest improvement in their appearance. We are pleased to offer patients the opportunity to benefit from a combined SkinPen microneedling and VI peel treatment.    

ViPeel San Diego

VI Peel is a gentle but very powerful, medical grade chemical peel that is highly effective at diminishing the appearance of the signs of aging and improving its overall tone, texture and health. It does this by being a blended rather than single-acid peel. VI Peel contains a unique blend of five different acids, each of which is designed to target a specific, therapeutic action within the skin.

SkinPen in San Diego

Microneedling is an innovative technique that creates dozens of tiny, controlled injuries to the outer layers of the skin using a handheld device. The purpose of this is to stimulate the body’s natural wound healing process. As the skin heals, the old skin is replaced with stronger, tighter and firmer new skin that is also much more youthful. There are many different microneedling devices, but the technique is often considered most effective when it is performed using SkinPen.

IPL laser treatment

As we get older, our skin naturally loses elasticity and as skin becomes more lax, it becomes much easier for lines and wrinkles to form. These are some of the most typical signs of aging, but unsurprisingly, many people are unhappy to experience them and would like to do anything possible to try and delay looking older for as long as possible. Fortunately, there are a range of treatments that can help them achieve this, including IPL laser treatments.

Facial Treatment

We can’t avoid the aging process forever, but we can take steps to minimize its effect on our appearance. One of the most popular ways of doing this is by exploring aesthetic procedures and treatments. These minimally invasive techniques can temporarily halt or even reverse the signs of aging, helping us to feel confident in our own skin for longer. One of the most popular aesthetic treatments is dermal fillers. While there are many brands of filler available, none are as long-lasting as the RHA Collection by Revance.

Scar Removal

While scars are certainly nothing to be ashamed of, many people prefer to keep them covered, either because of the way that they look or because they are reminders of an unpleasant time or episode in our lives. Some people become very self-conscious about their scars and may change the clothes that they wear or their hobbies to prevent their scars from showing. If you are unhappy with some existing scars that you have, you’ll be pleased to discover that our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa have developed a huge advancement in scar revision; it’s called Changes Scarless Scar Revision.

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RHA® is the only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler for dynamic wrinkles and folds. Unlike other dermal fillers, it is versatile, effective for both rest and dynamic movement. This means that it both plumps the face, filling out areas of lost volume and smoothing lines and wrinkles when your face is still, but that it also adapts to your facial movements, maintaining the results as your expressions change, without causing unnatural stiffness or freezing.