Set your radio frequency dial to great skin!  The latest advancement in skin rejuvenation adds controlled heat to fractional resurfacing.  Fractora (by InMode) combines radio frequency and fractional resurfacing to remodel deep collagen. The result, improved skin tone, texture, wrinkles and fine lines.  Fractora is versatile so your practitioner can adjust the treatment for all skin types, making it easy to dial in great skin.


Are they different? The answer is absolutely YES. While the difference appears to be in nomenclature or terminology, the actual difference lies in the training, qualifications, and capabilities of the surgeons.


Double chins are getting the spotlight these days. Thanks to technology really. Even though you can’t look down and see your own neck, selfies, Facetime and shiny I-phone surfaces put your double chin right back in your face. Perhaps, this is why the preferred selfie pose is one where the camera is above. In any event, people are clamoring to rid themselves of this extra neck baggage tout suite.


When contemplating plastic surgery, experts will tell you to check the surgeons’ board certifications during your screening process. Knowing which board is highly important.