Practical thinking would suggest that the patient looking for a younger appearance would focus on the face first.  But surprisingly, both women and men will come into Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa fixating on their sagging neck.  (Not so) fondly referred to as a turkey neck, what causes this foul anatomy?  Blame it on the plastyma muscles.


Meet Ann. Look closely at Ann’s chest. Now you see it. Now you don’t. Thanks to the plastic surgeon, Dr. Gilbert Lee, Ann looks good as new.


Perhaps one of the biggest myths for overweight people, and especially those that are obese, is that losing weight will fix their body woes. Although weight loss results in improved self-esteem, better health and an overall sense of accomplishment (much deserved!), the full effects of weight loss are betrayed when hidden beneath the excess skin that is left behind.


Dr. Gilbert Lee is a triple board certified plastic surgeon in San Diego. Voted Top Doc in Plastic Surgery by his peers in the San Diego County Medical Society for the last ten years in a row, Dr. Lee excels in artistry, skill and innovative procedures. His signature Changes Rapid Lift is one such innovation.


A long, sleek unlined neck is a beautiful characteristic some people have naturally. Most of us pay little attention to our neck. After all, it plays only a supporting role to the head and the star of the show, the face. However, all it takes is one glance downward into a reflective surface to visualize our own double chin as the skin bunches up and folds encroach on the jawline. What if you didn’t have to look down to see a double chin?


A lot of slang is slung at human anatomy. Colorful, cultural, clever or crass, the street talk takes the liberty to re-define or re-name existing words or terms. No doubt you’ve heard, and subsequently scratched your head, thinking what is a MOOB? Here are 6 of the most widely used street terms for body parts.


With the airing of the reality series Botched, plastic surgery is now accessible to everyone. Each week, in the privacy of our own living rooms, men and women sit down and bare all to Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif hoping to have their dreams repaired and bodies restored after having plastic surgery “gone bad”.  Technically, the show is great. With easy to understand explanations by the surgeons of what can or cannot be done for each case, and what the patient will encounter during and after the procedure.


Eyes are getting a lot of focus these days. Women are ferociously fixated on eyebrow symmetry, fullness, shape and thickness. Eyeshadows come in more colors than the rainbow ever included. Eyelash extensions and are so coveted that even the strongest animal advocate is tempted by real mink lashes. For all the fuss about eyes, in order to look truly rejuvenated (and yes, younger) the most effective cosmetic enhancement for eyes is restoration of volume loss.


Rhinoplasty is one of the most exacting plastic surgery procedures. No wonder when the results end up right in the middle of your face and millimeters make big differences. There are two techniques a surgeon can use to perform your rhinoplasty; open vs closed technique. Given the demanding nature of rhinoplasty with a premium on precision, Gilbert Lee, M.D., FACS of Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa strongly prefers the open rhinoplasty technique.


When we think of American beauty icons an array of faces come to mind. Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, even Reese Witherspoon can be included for her wholesome and feminine beauty.  Our culture views these women as attractive- notable for their facial beauty. But in the Asian culture, these women exemplify a facial trait that is seen as undesirable – the square jaw.