The term “side boob” brings to mind the sexy peek of the breast when seen from the side view in revealing clothes. Even more interest in side boobs is paired with the placement of tattoos along the natural curve of the side boob as it meets the body. For all intent, the side boob is taking the body spot light in a very favorable direction.


If you’re considering having plastic surgery, it’s critical to find the right plastic surgeon. That’s your greatest task, and it can be the greatest obstacle as well. However, if you know what to look for, this process doesn’t need to be a chore. The wonderful news is that the best plastic surgeons welcome your critical attention and detailed questions. Like you, they want less qualified people to be rooted out of the process!


The majority of breast augmentations are performed because a woman desires a change in the appearance of her breasts. It is a personal decision – an elective choice. The first decision is to undergo the procedure, but several decisions will follow. What size of implant? What implant shape is best, and finally, the incision decision – where will you personally tolerate a scar best?


Five little letters make a big difference in describing these two treatments. The word “micro” as an adjective refers to something extremely small or minute in scope or capability. Although both microdermabrasion and dermabrasion are mechanical methods of skin resurfacing, they are two very different treatments. Microdermabrasion pales to the macro capabilities of dermabrasion.


In an effort to defy aging and enhance your feminine beauty, you get facials, you color your hair, you have even begun a personal relationship with Botox. Many people tell you you look young for your age. Bravo! But careful before you raise your hands in applause dare your man hands to betray your facial femininity.


Breast augmentation surgery remains one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States. As millions of women seek out professional aesthetic alterations, plastic surgeons and medical researchers are continuously developing better technologies and techniques to make plastic surgery more effective and even safer for patients.


Different body parts seem to get the spotlight at different times. For now, it seems the butt is taking center stage. Instagram is so full of inflated derrieres you’d think they were giving away free helium. All joking aside, we thought legs have been ignored for a little too long. Who doesn’t ooh and ah at Heidi Klum’s long and lean gams. How many fashion models are known for their butts? It’s their gorgeous gams that get them down the runway.


Maybe you have seen this now-popular image of a top model with obvious undereye bags. Undoubtedly, she sat at the hands of a professional makeup artist prior to hitting the runway. Nevertheless, no amount of concealer can counteract the shadowing that occurs when a tear trough deformity exists.


After spending time and money selecting your skin care, applying it incorrectly can literally be a waste of both. Skin care products have advanced in the last few decades to include specific action ingredients, and how you apply them makes the difference in how effectively they perform. Here’s the a b c‘s on skin care product layering.


Deciding to undergo breast augmentation is a personal choice. You may ask for others opinions whether you should go forward with the elective surgery, but ultimately the decision is yours alone to make.