Many Asian patients are choosing to alter their appearance through plastic surgery. Plastic surgery, in and of itself, can be controversial, but when a non-caucasian opts for cosmetic surgery, watch out. Accusations of trying to “look white” or to “westernize” their look abound.


I did it. I got rid of my perfectly good saline breast implants. They were ten years old but still looked great. Great big.


Have you been wondering what your plastic surgery options might be? With today’s advanced technologies in the hands of cutting edge, top plastic surgeon Dr. Gilbert Lee, your options are almost unlimited. This interactive map can provide you with a glimpse of the kinds of choices that are out there, and what they can do for you.


Have you vowed to never have plastic surgery but still bemoan the sagging and wrinkles that come with aging? Never fear, non-surgical options are here.


To learn more about the many benefits of Radiesse, contact our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gilbert Lee. His experience and expertise can help you determine which medical spa options are right for you. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Lee, contact our San […]


In most metropolitan areas there are dozens of plastic surgeons to choose from.  If you want the top surgeon in his or her field, how do you find them?  In San Diego, Ca. look no further than the October 2018 issue of San Diego Magazine for the Physicians of Exceptional Excellence and you will find your Top Plastic Surgeon.


There are many advertised secrets and tricks to keeping breasts looking youthful and perky. However, no cream, potion or lotion can change the way aging affects the human body, and for the breast, aging means a loss of elasticity and droopy breasts. Breast surgery involving a surgical lift, called mastopexy, is the only way to significantly treat saggy breasts and return them to the perky breasts of youth.


Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa offers patients the most sophisticated equipment on the market to provide effective, minimally invasive laser vein treatment to those looking to rid themselves of unwanted visible red veins on the nose and other areas. Moreover, the procedure has become safer and faster than ever before.


Your own body fat is now a valuable commodity. Fat grafting is the process of removing unwanted fat from the body, usually from the tummy, flanks, or thighs, and transferring that body fat to another area of the body. Most notably used to add volume to an aging face, fat injections are now being performed for breast augmentation, hand rejuvenation, and even butt lifts! Not only can fat be repurposed, but it is also a renewable resource for your own cosmetic enhancement.


Liposuction serves as a plastic surgery procedure that enables an individual to eliminate body fat and enhance his or her body shape.